Apple Hand Pies

Apple Hand Pies

We’re waiting with delicious anticipation for the start of summer fruit season here in BC.
The season is short and sweet, just like the fruits but plentiful; luscious and fragrantly ripened fruits with vibrant colours; from delicate shades of peach, rich golden apricots to deep ruby hues of cherries.

In the meantime we have apples, which are practically year round in these parts, and when the sunshine has us craving fruit, we turn to apples.

Apples are awesome! Rich in disease-fighting antioxidants and soluble fibre, they’re a staple on my weekly grocery list – sometimes we buy a lot and don’t eat them fast enough, and in the summers, fortune occasionally smiles on us with a shipment of Envy apples from New Zealand.

IMG_7811 Apples

Our over-abundant apples usually go into making these apple hand pies, or some other delicious apple filled pastry.
I love these portable and old fashioned pies! They’re adorable and make a delightful snack.

Chopped apples cooked gently in cinnamon, vanilla and sugar, stuffed into flaky pastry dough and baked – they’re aromatic, warm and comforting.

The sweet flavours of apples and cinnamon, with the hint of lemon, the buttery crust… absolutely addictive.

Envy Apples IMG_7786


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