French Toast with Blueberry Sauce and Roasted Apple and Pear

French Toast with Blueberry Sauce

There’s something about sunny days that makes me want to travel, or just go for long walks. The rain on the other hand, makes me want to stay in bed and eat breakfast all day long.
There’s been a break in our dry lovely weather, temperatures have cooled and the rain is back!

The rain when it returns is comforting at first, perhaps because it rains so much here, and that’s familiar or maybe it’s the gentle cool morning air. Mornings that has me longing for a big breakfast, the kind so filling, it makes you skip lunch.

This little French toast number is one of those breakfasts; and I love it on cool spring mornings.
Decadent French toast with blueberry sauce and apples and pears lightly caramelized by roasting them.

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This French toast recipe is one that I use often, because it’s simple, doesn’t have dairy or eggs and yet tastes scrumptious, I use very thick cut bread and let the bread soak up the mixture thoroughly before ‘frying’ it.

Another great tip I learned for making French toast is to get the skillet hot before you add the bread, here are six more tips for not screwing up your French toast.

I discovered roasted apples over the winter months, and it’s been my go-to breakfast side, it makes apples fun again, I love the sweet caramelized texture and how they still retain their crunch.

The blueberry sauce is sweet and tart, the perfect condiment for a host of breakfast foods, I’ve used it in yoghurts, porridge and granola.

Technically, this is three recipes in one, but do not despair, the blueberry sauce and the roasted apples can be made in advance. The toasts are good on their own too, with a sprinkle of powdered sugar or maple syrup and fruit.

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(And because the recipe is so long, it’s after the jump)


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