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April 2013

  • Custard Shortbreads

    Custard Shortbreads

    When my last tin of Bird’s Custard Powder was nearing its use-by date, I scoured the internet looking for different ways to use it up quickly, which is how I found these custard shortbreads.

    I’m so glad I found them, they’re quick and easy to make, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, … Continue Reading...

  • Tea and Chickpea Cakes

    Tea and Chickpea Cakes Tea and Chickpea Cakes

    I think it was my dad who helped nurture my love for tea, and although it took me years to become a ‘real tea drinker’, I always had a revering fascination with tea.

    My dad spoke wistfully of tea back when we couldn’t afford it, and when we could, he … Continue Reading...

  • Tomato, Basil and Cashew Sauce


    I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated lately; or perhaps lazy would be appropriate, but that’s such a four letter word…
    Something must have happened to me in New York because I don’t think I’ve been myself since I got home.

    I’m still struggling to finish unpacking from that little … Continue Reading...