Herbed Black-Eyed Pea Salsa


It finally feels like spring and this weekend we had just the perfect weather to prove it.
I love, love this time of the year when spring begins and our little part of the world feels rejuvenated.

On Saturday, our first official spring weekend of the year, we took a leisurely drive on the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Porteau Cove (more on that soon).
We lingered, but not for too long because we had a late lunch planned; a modest but good vegetarian fare with good friends.

My contribution to lunch was this black-eyed pea salsa; I really like this salsa, the concept, the textures and flavours are stirring, and it’s livened with this bold herbed sauce inspired by this magic sauce from 101 Cookbooks.
I use mostly dry herbs for this sauce and a lot of crushed pepper flakes (but you don’t have to).

My secret ingredient is baharat, a Middle Eastern spice that impacts warmth, a slight sweetness and a smoky aroma to the sauce.
The name baharat probably sounds exotic but it just means spice in Arabic, I get mine from a superb little spice company from Salt Spring Island, although I recently found a simple enough recipe, so I may start making my own.

IMG_5290 IMG_5299
IMG_5310 IMG_5318

This is a kind of salsa that is even better the next day (or the day after…) when all the ingredients have gotten to know each other better.
It’s yummy on its own or as a dip or a side, I love how simple and yet delicious it is over rice or couscous, it’s ridiculously addictive with chips.

You could use black beans, chickpeas or your favourite type of beans, but I do prefer black-eyed peas for its creamy flavour.
Canned beans are very much ok, but if you’ve been holding off on cooking your own beans because you’re unsure (I used to be), my friend B. of the wonderful blog, Recipes from a Pantry has a handy guide on how to cook black-eyed beans.

I made a big batch hoping to have leftovers for my trip to New York tomorrow night (for which I’m very excited!).

IMG_5304 IMG_5328


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  • Bintu @ recipesfromapantry

    Hey Elsa, You know that I am soooooooooooo going to make this right? OH is going to London today and hopefully he can get some baharat (which is new to me). Will like to pin these when they become pinnable.

    • Yeah, I knew you probably couldn’t resist this one. I do hope OH gets you some baharat from London 🙂

  • LOVE black eyed pea salads, and salsas. The seasoning mix looks devine! I have to say, I think its your traveling to New York that has finally broken the weather. Gorgeous salsa, for the most beautiful morning we’ve had in … well, a long while. ENJOY YOR TRIP!

    • Thanks Deittra! I’ve been here a day already and the weather’s wonderful today, there was a little rain but nothing serious, looks like great weather for the rest of the days here, so I’m excited!

  • Kitchen Butterfly

    It looks wonderful – this is one of the ways in which I love to see what I’ve known hitherto as ‘Nigerian’ ingredients, transformed. Very nice. Enjoy your holiday.

  • Lohi

    This looks amazing! Great to see beans used another way from what I am used to!

    • Thanks Lohi, I’m always finding new ways to make bean dishes, just because they’re so versatile 🙂

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