Sunday Breakfast: Tea and Speculoos Cake

Bonne Maman Speculoos Cake

I love Sundays; it’s my favourite day of the week, my pace slows down considerably and life suddenly becomes unhurried.
It’s the only day that is truly mine, to do with as I wish…. no obligations, work or errands to run.

Sundays are about leisurely languid activities – like sleep-ins and breakfasts in bed, and taking the time to read a book so enthralling, you reread chapters just to relive the emotions.

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One of my favourite things about Sundays is breakfast, or brunch or whenever I eat my first meal.

It isn’t always fancy or elaborate, and sometimes, not much thought goes into what I’m eating but there’s always a certain salience to it.

Like these little Bonne Maman L’étoile spéculos pépites de sucre (speculoos cakes/stars), I got them months ago in Paris to have for snacks while running around the city but with all those amazing boulangeries and patisseries in Paris… I just packed them and brought them home with me.

They make idle Sundays at home complete; they’re like spiced muffins with sugar crystals, utterly delicious and not cloyingly sweet.

It goes well with a nice cup of almond milk tea, and some fruit, for a light but indulgent breakfast.

It’s a thing of Sundays!


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  • Kitchen Butterfly

    I love Bonne Maman products – there is something motherly and grandmotherly….made with love! I love your enamel cup too! Most especially, I love the gifts we bring home from faraway lands, how they transport us back to our favourite places.

    • Thanks Oz! There’s something definitely comforting and homey about Bonne Maman product, I can never get enough of them. 🙂

  • I know! Isn’t it exciting? 🙂

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