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February 2013

  • Savoury Hand Pies


    In Ghana, as with many other countries, savoury hand pies are generally called meat pies.
    Our ‘meat pie’, similar to the Jamaican beef patty is a popular snack found everywhere in Ghana – from fancy restaurants, on the side of dusty country roads to busy bus stations and chaotic … Continue Reading...

  • Scenes from Around Here: Fairhaven, WA

    IMG_3943 IMG_3946

    Fairhaven is ‘historic Bellingham’; charming, quaint and reminiscent of a centuries-old American town.

    In the summers, on our monthly shopping trips into Bellingham, we’d usually take a detour and explore the assortment of lovely local shops, galleries and restaurants in Fairhaven.


    Part of Bellingham since 1903, Fairhaven has retained … Continue Reading...

  • Dried Mango, Cranberry and Cashew Granola


    We call this the ‘tropical granola’ because it’s packed with coconut and mango, and for the glorious smell of toasted coconut that fills the entire house.

    There’s ginger and nutmeg too, I put it in every batch of granola I make now – and cardamom or freshly ground black pepper, … Continue Reading...

  • Sweet Buttery Beet Rolls


    Being a romantic at heart, I secretly like Valentine’s Day.

    I love the concept and romance of the day, though I can do without the commercialization, the fuss and the pressure to live up to some concocted ideal of the perfect love.

    I like that there’s a day purposefully set … Continue Reading...