Toasted Coconut Muffins


Something wonderful happens whenever I toast coconut flakes; first off, it smells wonderfully toasty, like a tropical vacation. Toasting intensifies the flavour, caramelizes and brings out the sugars.
Coconut flakes adds pizazz to everything it touches; I use it as ice cream topping, cake garnish, in granola, rice… it’s quite addictive on it’s own too, and in these toasted coconut muffins… they’re magical!

These muffins are full of coconut-ty goodness, it has coconut oil, coconut milk and of course, the amazing toasted coconut flakes.
It’s a coconut lover’s dream, and if you’re on the fence, you’ll probably love it too since the flavour isn’t overpowering.
It’s got that sweet essence of coconuts that goes well with a nice cup of tea or coffee, and make mornings so much better!

IMG_1612 IMG_1618

Toasted Coconut Flakes IMG_1603
IMG_1605 IMG_1607

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