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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to bring my own food on long flights, it’s usually when I’m sky-high, being served something I absolutely hate that I kick myself for not just doing it.
I assumed it was more trouble than it’s worth, and required the sort of planning and preparation I wasn’t ready to commit to. It turns out there isn’t as much effort involved as I’d imagined.

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For my flight to Paris, I made savoury hand pies with smoked trout and peas in a tomato sauce, using pre-portioned pizza dough I had in the freezer.
I also made baked chickpea patties (pakoras) with onions, carrots and sweet peppers. I packed some cookies, dark chocolate and Smarties too.
It took me all but two hours to make the hand pies and pakoras the night before; it came together easily and the reward of having them on that long uncomfortable flight was worth it!

Our flight was overnight, long and cramped with a short stopover at Heathrow; in coach (ahem… World Traveller class) our inflight dinner looked sad and unappetizing, and the breakfast pitiful, for once I was glad I had my own food.

IMG_5399 IMG_5388

My airplane food fit in a nice sized two-layer stainless steel lunchbox, packed the same way I used to pack my bento lunches.
The lid is tight and secure and because it has no liquids, I could just throw it in my handbag; it cleared security easily with no issues.
It felt really good munching on something that I really liked for once.
It made the tight nine-hour long journey a little bearable
One of the stewardesses called our set up ‘an airplane picnic!’
It made me smile, I think we’ll be having lots of picnics up in the airplane from here on…
On the return trip, I plan on filling our little lunchboxes with the most deliciously delectable French pastries.


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