Almond Flour Cookies with Almond Butter and Pistachios

Nutty Almond Cookies

I’m going on vacation in a week, and while I’m looking forward to getting away and the anticipated fun, I’m also dreading the ‘getting there’ part. Time at the airport, the long flight and other contingencies make me a little wary.
This year I’ve decided to bring my own food for the trip; nothing fancy, perhaps a bento box filled with pakoras, hand pies and maybe some cookies, that’s if I can get it past airport security (fingers crossed).

For the cookies, I’m debating making these lovelies,,, almond flour cookies with almond butter and pistachios, I don’t make them often because they’re a little calorie dense, but I really, really love them!

I starting making them for my friend M’s little one, who is sensitive to gluten; the little guy hates most of the packaged glutten-free stuff, but these, he just gobbles up. I guess it’s because these cookies are a bit different.

See, these cookies are naturally gluten free, no substitutions necessary; they’re made with almond flour, almond butter and sweetened with maple syrup. They’re nutty, crispy, decadent and addictive.

Almond Meal & Butter Almond Flour Cookies

I use packaged ground almond for convenience, but I’m thinking it’s probably just as easy (and economical) to grind your own.
I tend to alternate between using chunky and smooth almond butter, I like them both, each is a little different.
The pistachios were an afterthought, the original recipe had chocolate chips, which are awesome, but I prefer the soft buttery taste of pistachios in these cookies, plus they make them wholesome.
I bake mine thin and crunchy sometimes for crumbling over coconut milk ice cream for dessert, it’s so very decadent!

They certainly feel like the kind of indulgence I’d appreciate in a dark cramped cabin thousands of feet in the air, halfway through the trip somewhere over Greenland…

Almond Flour Cookies with Almond Butter and Pistachios

Just Almond Meal

Just Almond Meal

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  • MB

    Can I ask where you find your Almond Flour/Meal in Vancouver? I only seem to come across bags that cost about $100! The cookies look delicious, have a great vacation!

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I buy my almond flour at Trader Joe’s in Bellingham (across the border) because yes, it’s so expensive here in Vancouver. Famous Foods on Kingsway has it too, their prices might be a little better.

  • So excited to try these! Going to use chocolate chips or MnMs!

    • I’m about in tears right now. THANK YOU for this recipe. They turned out beautiful!! I’m going to see if they turn out well with cashew butter and peanut butter (i’m about out of almond butter now) and have you ever used honey instead of maple syrup? I’m thinking it will work okay.

      • You’re quite welcome 🙂 I haven’t tried other nut butters but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work, I think it’ll make the flavour more complex… go for it! And honey should be ok. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

      • You’re quite welcome 🙂 I haven’t tried other nut butters but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work, I think it’ll make the flavour more complex… go for it! And honey should be ok. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

  • Making these today, as suggested/raved by BeautifulInHisTime.

    • Great! Enjoy, I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂

  • Oh my, your daughter is so adorable; I love how she dives into the milk to rescue her cookie 🙂

    I’m glad they turned out well for you, your cookies look yummy! Makes me want to make a batch right now!


    Almonds and pistachios in one. I am in cookie heaven.

    • Oh it’s a match made in heaven!


    Forgot to say- I have pinned these.

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  • MMB

    Made these tonight and they are delicious! I used whole almonds instead of pistachios since I didn’t have any. I also threw in some shaved coconut. 11 minutes to goodness. I will definitely make these again!

    • This is so awesome! I think I’m going to try them with almonds and coconut next time. I’m glad you liked them 🙂

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  • Megan

    I’m on a super strict anti-inflammation diet while going through heavy metals chelation, and these cookies are a game changer for me! I have been so frustrated with baked goods and sweets (diet is no soy, gluten, refined sugars, corn, white potatoes, dairy, chocolate, peanuts, and a few other things). This is the first baked good I’ve tried that has come out so close to the “real” thing that there is no settling for the best I can manage! I’ll be making these weekly while I’m going through chelation, and they’ll be a keeper even after I’m allowed a free choice diet! THANK YOU!

    • Hi Megan! I’m so glad these cookies fit perfectly into your diet. Trust me, I know how amazing that feels 🙂 I love them too and I make them all the time!

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    • Thanks Rebecca! it’s perfectly fine, it’s my pleasure:) and I’ll be sure to check out your lovely sites too!

  • Thank you! So happy you’re still loving them, I make them all the time too… it’s awesome with coffee;-)