Pico de Gallo

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It sounds ridiculous saying it now but we used to buy salsa, tubs and tubs of it.
And every time I bought yet another tub of premade fresh salsa, I’d hear this voice, sounds like my mother’s, say… “You really should be making this yourself”.

Really, I had no excuse; I’ve been eating this ménage of raw tomatoes, onions and peppers all my life – the kind I grew up with, simply called pepper (sauce), was tomatoes onions and peppers blended with a bit of salt into a sauce using this earthenware grinder.

I don’t know why, how or when store-bought salsa became the norm, sheer laziness… I tell you.


Over the summer, @adjoa got a case of lovely plum tomatoes; prettiest little things I’ve ever seen – just begging to be made into salsa.

I like my salsa chunky, hence pico de gallo; making it felt oddly familiar, I add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to help the flavours meld.

It’s the ultimate condiment; easy, convenient, flavourful and bright.
I use it in many delicious ways, on tacos, bruschetta, baked potatoes, focaccia, rice and beans, chips, wraps etc

The interesting thing about this kind of salsa is that anything really goes; it’s that adaptable. I experiment with other spices, herbs, vegetables, fancy salts… etc and it’s different and better every time.

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