Tarallucci Cookies


You already know that I have a thing for these Italian cookies, there’s something curiously appealing about them; probably because they’re foreign and that makes them seem exotic.
I also feel I’m learning some Italian as I go along, unfortunately I doubt things like ‘zucchero’ and ‘farina di frumento’ will help in real life Italian situations.

IMG_1908 IMG_1900

Now on to these Tarallucci cookies… I like them! They look a bit unusual for shortbread cookies but they make the best breakfast cookies.
Airy, puffy and delicate, the taste is mellow with a hint of honey.
The texture is slightly cakey, but firm enough for dunking, and marvellous with steaming cup of milky spiced tea.

If you believe this ad, Antonio Banderas bakes Tarallucci cookies in his enchanted factory on a field of golden wheat, and there’s a chicken named Rosita.

I got them from Eataly, which stocks rows and rows of shiny bags of cookies from Italian brands like Mulino Bianco.
According to the manufacturers, the cookies are made with wholesome ad natural ingredients using traditional Italian recipes

They do have a short shelf life, luckily that wasn’t an issue for us.


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