Few of My Favourite Things

Just thought I’d share a few of my favourite things…

Charms from Pandora Pandora Charms

I’ve wanted a charm bracelet since I was a little girl…
I received this Pandora bracelet whilst in New York last April, and I’ve worn it every day since.
I’ve collected just a few special charms so far, there’s the NYC Big Apple charm for Easters in New York, the evil eye charm I got as an early birthday present when I was having a bit of a hard time. The coffee bubbles glass bead I picked out myself and the silver charm with hearts I love. I’m looking forward to filling it with lots of memorable and special charms.

Writing Pen to Paper

I’ve been keeping a food journal in this notebook. Not the kind where I write down what I eat – this is diary of sorts chronicling my journey into discovering food. I use it to build recipes, plan meals, jot down food ideas; it’s also where I write my foodie anecdotes and experiences.
It combines journaling, an old pastime with food, a new passion.

Fabbri Latte di Mandorla 219/365 Evening Cuppa #mostly365

I can only buy this almond milk at the Italian store; I love it because it’s a little different from the almond milk you find in grocery stores.
It’s from Fabbri, makers of flavouring syrups and preserved amerena cherries.
Already sweetened but not too sugary, it’s a cross between milk and syrup, it’s light with an intense almond flavour (in a good way) – it smells great.
It gives coffee, tea and hot cocoa/chocolate a nice flavour boost and there’s no sugar required.

Whole Foods Kensington London Jute Shopping

Like most households, we’ve managed to acquire a wealth of reusable shopping bags but the one I keep reaching for is this Whole Foods Kensington jute bag from years ago.
It’s a huge classic tote, well constructed, strong with sturdy handle. It can hold tons of grocery, feels comfortable and folds away nicely too.
The interior had a thin impermeable lining that makes cleaning a breeze.

Rose on a Window Sill Old White Rose

I think this rose is magical, it lasted for over a month, withering gracefully – it was a joy to watch.
It made my days a little brighter, peaceful and serene.

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  • Reply Elsa

    Let’s see, the silver with blacks hearts is ‘big love’ , then there’s the ‘big apple’ and a spacer with gems, and a double clip. There’re the black bubbles and the one in the middle is the ‘watchful eye’. 🙂

    28 April, 2013 at 4:18 am
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