Coconut Milk Ice Cream Pie

Ice Cream Pie IMG_2930

I’m one of those people who can’t just have plain ice cream, I like ice cream with a bit of crunch.
I’m always topping my ice cream with nuts, sprinkles, smarties, chocolate chips, cookie crumbs etc.

Ice cream pie seemed like a natural progression, the June issue of Bon Appétit had a recipe for an ice cream pie with blueberry sauce, whipped cream and crystalized ginger.

I wanted to make a much simpler pie, with just a crust and ice cream.
I chose to make coconut milk ice cream pie, Coconut Bliss makes some of the best coconut milk ice cream I’ve had – I used their Lunaberry Swirl, the taste is creamy, smooth, and refreshing, it tastes a little like the ‘meat’ of a young coconut too, and like berries.

The crust is made with crushed graham crackers and butter, and it takes less than 5 minutes to make.

It’s a fun, easy and different way to have your ice cream with a bit of crunch.

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