Summer Pasta


Am I the only one slightly panicked that we’re hurtling toward the end of summer? I’m not even halfway through the things I wanted to tackle this summer
I had day trips and weekend getaways planned; idyllic jaunts on ferries, trains and in cars.
I planned picnics in the park; days spent lazing on the beach and long enchanting hikes.

@adjoa and I were supposed to get together on weekends, cook, eat and take pictures; we’ve only managed to do this once.
You’d think I’d push for us to cook more often since she usually does all the cooking and I just hang out and drink.
The last time we cooked, we made this summer pasta, although we called it a spring pasta at the time because it wasn’t quite summer yet.

IMG_2712 IMG_2750

We set out to create a minimalist meal from the colourful vegetable pasta from Felicetti we found while grocery shopping.
There isn’t a complicated dish, just a few vegetables from the farmers’ market, herbs and spices, and good olive oil.
We lucked out at the farmers’ market that morning and found gorgeous looking onions and bell peppers.
We were promised the bell peppers were some of the best we would ever taste, and that wasn’t much of an exaggeration.

IMG_2769 Summer Pasta

@adjoa sautéed onions and bright sweet peppers in olive oil, added sundried tomatoes, herbes de Provence and salt and pepper.
She tossed the vegetables with the pasta and that was all there was to it.

We topped it with crunchy fried onions and red pepper flakes
There isn’t much of a step-by-step recipe to this pasta, we just tossed a few modest ingredients together and got a bright, colourful and utterly scrumptious creation.

It’s like the adult version of ‘pasta with butter’, except it’s made with olive oil and has vegetables.


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