Quinoa, Peas and Carrots Salad

Quinoa with Peas & Carrots

This is one of my favourites salads to make, and a favoured way to prepare quinoa.
This light vegetarian fare is also filling, easy-to-assemble and nutritious, and with these near melting temperatures, the stove gets a bit of break.
Of course, you have to cook the quinoa, but that takes no time or it can be made ahead of time.

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I cheat a little with this recipe, I use a few tablespoons of La Bomba, a hot antipasto spread that comes in a jar, it’s really good stuff, it’s basically a vegetable sauce; the heat is subtle and it impacts a rich savoury flavour.
It’s available in Italian grocery stores or you could make your own; saute finely diced red peppers, chiles, eggplant, mushroom, olives, carrots, sundried tomatoes in a bit of olive oil, add a splash of wine vinegar then toss in some oregano, salt and pepper to taste and viola! La Bomba!

Quinoa with Peas & Carrots IMG_2085

I use two varieties of quinoa here for texture, black quinoa adds a bit of earthiness and colour and holds its shape better.
The onions and carrots add crunch, when it’s all assembled, I toss the salad in a refreshingly light and simple vinaigrette.
This quinoa, peas and carrots salad is so hearty and bright; it’s literally the taste of summer.
I just can’t get enough of it, when I first made it we were in the depths of an endless winter and I imagined summer with every bite.

Now that it’s summer, this fresh and colourful salad feels just right; makes me wish I could eat it everyday.

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