Lemon Black Sesame Seed Muffins


There’s a certain quiet to weekend mornings that I absolutely relish.
It’s usually peaceful except for seagulls in the distance and the occasional car passing through.
I love waking up at this time of the day when it feels like the world is still asleep.

Sometimes I’ll steal into the kitchen to make breakfast, it’s cool and quiet, with a gentle breeze as morning streams through the windows, it’s my favourite place at that moment.

I don’t always know ahead of time what I want to make for breakfast; sometimes I let it come to me when I’m in the kitchen.

Muffins are easy when you already have the ingredients in the pantry, occasionally you’ll have to make substitutions, and that makes all the difference.

IMG_0293 IMG_0314
IMG_0302 IMG_0356

I had black sesame seeds and no poppy seeds, so these lemon black sesame seed muffins were born!
I prefer the slight sweet and nutty and crunchy texture of the black sesame seed. The seeds are larger (than poppy seeds) and I toast them lightly to increase their nutty sweetness and crunch.

I enjoy the silence and the motions; measuring, mixing and the sweet smell that fills the morning.

The muffins are ready just about when the world starts to stir, I put a kettle on for tea and slowly the sounds and movement starts.
The noise of the TV fills the air, I hear a phone conversation in the other room, and a humorous exchange from the balcony makes me smile. We gather around the table, we don’t really do the ‘sit together’ thing, we linger, prep and make selections…
And then we eat breakfast.

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