Baked Plantain Chips

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Summer is underway, it’s a different summer this year, quiet and reflective.
I’ve been putting off the mundane and my worries are melting away with the warm weather.
There are some days so sweet and languorous; I never want to end…
I haven’t been cooking much, I’ve been all about the snacks and decadent summer drinks.
For a different kind of snack I make baked plantain chips, I find the plantains at my local grocery store, imported from exotic tropical places I long for.
I love plantains! I have childhood memories involving plantains the way some remember cookies and milk from when they were little.

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These baked plantain chips can be made with green unripened plantains for a crispy, crunchy addictive snack akin to potato chips. When made with ripened plantains, it’s soft and deliciously sweet.
I still can’t decide which I like best, sweet or savoury; both are a treat, handy to bring along for spontaneous evening picnics on the beach.


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