Four Grain Granola

IMG_9390 363/365 Burrard Street #mostly365

Come September I’d have lived in this city for a decade.
It feels like not so long ago that I was trying to cram everything I ever owned into my giant red suitcase.
Yet, in some ways it feels like an eternity has passed, this is the longest I’ve lived in one place continuously, I’ve inadvertently become a different person, or perhaps I’ve just grown.

I remember a co-worker gave me a jar of homemade granola when I first moved here, sounds unbelievable now, but I was incredibly impressed that she could make granola.
The granola I’d had before always came from the grocery store in a box; I couldn’t imagine making my own granola, it felt a bit too hippie West Coast for me.
And yet, here I am, a decade later having made granola so many times, it’s hard to believe there was a time when I didn’t.

Of course the granola is a metaphor for a slow decade-long transition.
But it struck me as symbolic when I found myself swapping granola recipes with my old co-worker; and then last week, I was the one giving a jar of granola as a welcome gift to a friend who’d just moved to the city.

364/365 Four Grain Cereal Granola #mostly365 IMG_9337


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