Spiced Peas with Bell Peppers & Carrots


I read a book the other day that had a quote I liked;

“If a memory’s not a good one, you’re not remembering it right”

Bad memories aren’t my thing either; which is why I’m a fan of recreating memories.
I want to go to all the places where I was unhappy and make happier memories.
I listen to songs that remind me of sad times when I’m usually happy until its depressing effect loosens.
I remember happier moments and consider bad experiences life lessons.

I’m trying this with food too; I’m learning to love foods I ‘hate’, especially vegetables.
I want to be open-minded about food, even if there are some foods I won’t eat.
I’m gradually incorporating foods I don’t ‘like’ back into my diet, particularly those that I don’t have, or remember reasons for disliking.

A few months ago when I couldn’t remember why I hated Brussels sprouts, I tried it – it didn’t turn out quite as I wished, but I’m hopeful I’d love them roasted, caramelized and crispy with a bit of balsamic vinegar.

IMG_9631 IMG_9635

I’m not sure exactly why I decided I hated peas, hate is probably too strong a word, indifference is more the right emotion.
I haven’t liked peas since I was a kid, and entire decades would pass before I’d gladly eat them again.
And when I did, I found out they weren’t that bad. In fact I might actually like peas.

I make this spiced peas dish often, it’s inspired by this recipe from the Kitchn, I add bell peppers and carrots to mine for crunch and a varied taste.
It doesn’t look like fanciest of dishes, but it cooks up so fragrantly thanks to the spices that goes into the oil.
It’s a simple and tasty meal that is good on it’s own, or with a side of rice, pasta or bread.


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