The High Line III

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Anytime I hear or read that a bridge or railroad track is being decommissioned I’m hopeful that it’ll be converted for recreational use, maybe a High Line type of park or something similar.
While we’re not exactly lacking for parks here, I sometimes wish for a uniquely urban and ‘recycled’ park like the High Line – it’d be awesome!

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I never miss a chance to go to the High Line when I’m in New York, it’s become a bit of a ritual; I usually save it for the last day of my trip and force myself to relax in one of those slatted reclining benches and alternate between reading and people watching. It’s always a restful end to a whirlwind vacation.
I’ve been lucky, all the times I’ve been on the High Line it’s been gorgeous and sunny, it’s also been quite crowded, more so each year, but I don’t mind the crowds, it’s New York!

Still Life with Landscape by Sarah Sze (High Line Art)
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The park is about a mile long now, a good two mile walk to the end and back if a little hike sounds inspiring; it’s an elevated walk with amazing views of the city and the Hudson River, and a ton of art installations that are worth the walk.

This last time, my day ended with a quick bite from nearby Chelsea Market, next time I think I’ll just have a picnic at the park.

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“How Are You Feeling” by David Shrigley (High Line Billboard)

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