Quinoa & Beluga Lentil Salad


We’ve had a couple of blah days, and I’ve been feeling a bit blah… misery loving company and such.
I haven’t been cooking that much either, I’m a bit unmotivated – I’ve taken to letting the contents of my fridge guide me.
That’s how this dinner came about, leftover quinoa and lentils turned into a warm modest salad, citrusy and tangy.
It’s light, will work perfectly as a side – and doesn’t require too many ingredients.
I add a side of greens and toss in some nuts and olives to make a main dish out of it.
I love the lemony dressing with a dash of ginger; it’s refreshing.
This salad helps to chase away those blah feelings… for a while.

IMG_9782 IMG_9788
IMG_9793 IMG_9796


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