Tea at Le Marché St. George


Le Marche St. George is a sweet little corner shop/cafe on a quiet street in a wholly residential neighbourhood.
it’s certainly the sweetest little corner shop… if fairytales had corner shops it’ll be it.
I fell in love with the market before I visited them; I first read about them, and then I knew I had to go when they were featured last year in Monocle’s ‘Best Cafes’.


It’s the kind of place to go for tea and a chat, and maybe daydream a little; it charmingly blends into the neighbourhood and makes time seamless. Oh how I wish we had one in our neighbourhood.
The market boasts carefully sourced local products, fresh seasonal organic produce and eclectic international finds.

IMG_1713 IMG_1729
IMG_1752 IMG_1739

The atmosphere is serene and laid back, the interiors aged and rustic, with shelves filled with beautifully packaged products.
More than a corner store, it feels like neighbourhood hangout, their selection of pastries and baked goodies are mouth-wateringly amazing.
The tea at Le Marche St. George is perfect, and there’s sweet little spot outside, made for sitting, and enjoying the simple pleasures of community.

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