Trader Joe’s Mango Sorbet


Summer is coming and the temperature is slowly creeping up.
I love being awoken by the sun again in the mornings, and hearing seagulls in the distance.
It’s going to be a delightful summer – I can tell.
Come summer, my love affair with mango goes into overdrive; I think it’s because I’ve loved mangoes more than I’ve loved any other fruit.
Mangoes and summer have a certain likeness – both are vibrant, exotic, sweet and sticky.

Since mangoes aren’t native to these part, I’m always looking for the next best thing.

Mango Sorbet Mango Sorbet

I was so delighted to find this refreshingly creamy and delicious mango sorbet from Trader Joe’s, just in time for summer.
I’m hooked… it tastes fresh, like perfectly ripened frozen mangoes, makes the best smoothies too.

As far as treats go, the ingredients aren’t bad either; mango, water, cane sugar, corn syrup, guar gum, xanthan gum, citric acid and beta-carotene for colour.

TJ Mango Sorbet

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