Trader Joe’s Salt Water Taffy


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I’m not sure how this happened, but suddenly it’s not enough that I just buy candy anymore, I feel like I need an excuse – perhaps it’s adult guilt.
I didn’t even think I liked salt water taffy before I found these at Trader Joe’s, and now I keep sneaking them.
They come in cherry; my favourite, strawberry banana, red liquorice, sour apple and watermelon.
I keep having to come up with excuses to buy them every time I make the trip to Trader Joe’s.


I got a few bags for ‘Christmas’, then for ‘Valentine’s Day’ and then last weekend as I was perusing the aisles at TJ’s, I couldn’t think of an occasion (excuse) to get another bag this time.
Then I thought of it… a Mad Men / Game of Thrones viewing party!
Surely, that’s worth celebrating with candy!
I couldn’t bring myself eat all that candy on Sunday night, since I was ready for bed and had already brushed my teeth (yes, I’ve evidently become a boring adult).
So we cued up the DVR Monday after work, drank white wine with salt water taffy, and sang along to Zou Bisou Bisou afterwards.
Now I can’t get the damn song out of my head!

365/365 Salt Water Taffy #mostly365

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