Yogurt, Mango & Pomegranate

356/365 Yoghurt, Mango & Pomegranate #mostly365
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This is a simple yet amazing snack or breakfast that makes me wish that I lived on an exotic island where mangoes and pomegranates grow.
It’s a treat I don’t make often, now and then, I’ll find myself with leftover mango puree and pomegranate… and then, it just begs to be made.
There isn’t really a recipe for this concoction – it’s easy, looks fancy but not pretentious, it’s just yogurt and mango and a few seeds.
You need about half a cup of yogurt, one-fourth of a cup of pureed mango and a small handful of pomegranate (arils) seeds.
Did I mention that you could throw some granola into the mix too?
I could eat it everyday for breakfast… if only I lived in the land where mangoes and pomegranate grow, and could make yogurt.

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