Sour Cherry Crumble

I’m back!
And another weekend is upon us…


I’ve been thinking a lot about my next vacation and perhaps it’s the weather, but right now…
I want nothing more than to lie under a giant umbrella in a sunny locale and just read for hours on end.
I did a bit of reading over the weekend; actually, I read a whole lot.
This led me to two realizations; reading is time consuming, and I very much miss reading.

I’m reading IQ84 over several months, just a few pages each month, unrushed.
I stayed up late last Friday reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy; curiosity had gotten the best of me…
Whoa Nelly!

IMG_6997 IMG_7012

I read way, way into the night until dawn. I miss that!
I used to love reading through the night when I was younger and could subsist on a few hours of sleep.

Once, when I was about twelve, I got @adjoa’s (borrowed) copy of Judith Krantz’s Scruples and stayed in bed all weekend reading it.
I read ferociously through the night till the sun came up, my mom was convinced I was sick.
The thing with embarking on a read-a-thon is that pesky little things like hunger and the urge to pee sometimes gets in the way.
It always helps to have food around…

IMG_7011 IMG_7020
I made sour cherry crumble last weekend when I finally came up for air; it’s perfect for weekends dedicated to reading.
It’s so good and dreamy, I never get tired of it; the first time I made it, it’s all I ate that day.
I usually use a jar of morello cherries (from Trader Joe’s) and toss in an apple for bulk and crunch.
The topping usually varies, but I prefer oats, crushed pistachios and cranberries with a bit of coconut oil.
I made enough to last the weekend, and ate it by the bowlful between reading.
Sometimes with milk or a scope of ice cream, or custard, or yoghurt… it’s really good with yoghurt



IMG_7065 IMG_7144

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