Roasted Okra & Black Beans


I probably wouldn’t have liked okra as an adult if I hadn’t grown up eating it.
It’s not like I really liked it growing up, in fact I’ve always been wary of okra.
Okra is one of those vegetables that divide people, some love it and some hate it.


Not everyone appreciates okra’s mucilage, but I remember my mom’s okro stews and soups… rich thick stews full of vegetables, meat and crab, and savoury tomatoey soups loaded with smoked fish.
Okra isn’t readily available in these parts, but every once in a while I’ll find them at the store, imported fresh from Mexico.
I buy it mostly for nostalgia reasons, and while I can’t recreate my mom’s awesome soups or stews, I still try…

Roasted okra and black beans – I’m all about simple recipes; which is why I love roasted vegetables, it’s easy and delicious.
Roasting cuts down the slime of the okra, it caramelizes and turns slightly crispy.
Combined with the other vegetables and black beans, it creates a perfectly intense medley of flavours.

Try it over rice or quinoa…



IMG_6362 IMG_6367

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