Sweet Creamed Corn

Creamy Corn

Some day when I can come up with the right words, I’ll explain just how much I love snowshoeing.
I woke up this morning to gloomy rain, wanting to leave it behind, I decided to go snowshoeing; the first time this season.
It was snowing and windy with low visibility; the snow, like tiny needles hurt my face, and I could barely see through my wet fogged up glasses. Hiking up the mountain felt a little like I was on an expedition, but I got a good workout.

It was a few hours still to dinner by the time I got home, and I had missed lunch, snacking instead on salted cashew nuts and Orangina.
I wanted an indulgent treat to tide me over till dinner, so I made sweet creamed corn.

Creamed Corn

I ate creamed corn for the first time this summer, I saw a recipe that intrigued me, tried it and was amazed at how good it was.
This is one of those classic side dishes people don’t bother making anymore, they just buy canned.
Like I said, it’s a little indulgent, it has butter and flour and sugar and cream (coconut milk) in it, but it also has corn in it – so take it for what is it…
It’s really delicious, colourful and pretty to look at, and best of all; it’s easy to make; it’s a must-make for anyone who loves sweet corn.


239/365 Creamed Corn #mostly365

Sweet Corn

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