Strawberry Lemon Loaf

235/365 Strawberry Lemon Loaf #mostly365

The year that just passed feels long gone already, we’re settling back into routine and I feel a little bereft, not for the year past but for the little break we had in between.
I can’t bring myself to feel optimistic about the New Year, which isn’t to say that I won’t get there; but is it weird that I suddenly want to stay home and bake all the time now?

I know it’s not strawberry season; we’re supposed to be in the dead of winter, yet we’ve had a couple of strange warm days, and I see strawberries (imported from Mexico) at the supermarket all the time.
I don’t have my usual stash of frozen berries because I didn’t go berry picking last summer, I caved and bought a pound of strawberries to make strawberry lemon loaf.
This loaf is a little like strawberry lemonade, which reminds me of summer, which cheers me up a bit.

Strawberry Cake Batter Making Strawberry Cake

I don’t remember where I got the recipe from, but I’ve been making this quick bread for a while now; it’s light, tart, moist and sweet, the strawberries and lemon compliment each other well.

It’s superb as a snack, or for dessert, dress it up with ice cream and and topped with strawberries.

Ice Cream & Cake

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