Rain And Hummus


It’s been raining since Christmas Eve!
This might sound like an exaggeration but it’s not, it’s rained for three days straight.
I usually don’t mind the incessant rain; I signed up for this, I live in one of the rainiest regions in the world, except for as long as I’ve lived here we’ve never had this much rain during the holidays.
It’s a bit unsettling, I’ve had to reschedule plans – I stayed in bed all day yesterday, putting off things for “when the rain stops”.
Staying home has its advantages though; I managed to make a batch of hummus, and proceeded to eat my weight in said hummus.

Stuff for Hummus Mix
229/365 Dinner - Rice & Peas & Hummus #mostly365

I made hummus for the first time ever a few months ago, and literally kicked myself for not having done it earlier.
Homemade hummus tastes so much better, it’s customizable as per whim, and best of all, it’s very easy to make.
It’s just the right kind of food to prepare when the weather has you in the doldrums, because once you’re done, you can’t stop eating it and it’s oddly comforting.
So if you ever find yourself at home a second afternoon in a row with the sound of the rain outside your window… remember that rain pairs well with hummus.

I tend to eat it with everything; not just carrots and pita bread, I eat it with rice and peas, as sandwich spread, pizza sauce, with pasta or anything else that sounds good with hummus.

Hummus with Chives

Rice, Peas & Hummus

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