Envy Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble & Ice Cream

Every summer, if we’re lucky we get a shipment of apples and kiwis from New Zealand; this is one of the many little things that make my summers so awesome.
This year’s bounty arrived just as we were getting ready to head for the Sunshine Coast for a few days,
We packed our little cooler with apples and kiwis, gave some away to friends and neighbours, and for the next few days we snacked on apples and kiwis and tossed some in salads and smoothies.

Apples & Kiwis Basketful

For the past few years we’ve been getting Envy apples, a newer variety of apples from Enza.
I first wrote about Envy apples back in 2009, and a few years of eating them – they’ve become my utterly favourite kind of apple.
It’s available in limited quantities in grocery stores, so it’s really a treat whenever I get my hands on some.
Envy is bright red, big, crisp, and perfectly sweet; and resistant to browning.
It’s obviously an ‘eating’ apple, but with that many apples I had to try it in some recipe of some sort.

Envy Apples

I love crumble, it’s such a simple and versatile dessert, it’s my quick and easy go-to dessert for when I want to use up my too many fruits.
This Envy apple crumble has a few of my favourite snack items; dried mango and flakes of toasted coconuts.
I also added a few slices of kiwi… just because.
There isn’t really a recipe for this crumble, but here’s a very good recipe I use as a guide for all my crumbles.
I use coconut oil for that warm distinctive coconut flavour.
This crumble barely stuck around!

Apple & Kiwi Crumble Topping
Apple & Kiwi Crumble Topped
214/365 Apple Crumble, Ice Cream & Blueberries #mostly365

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