Mango Glazed Cake

Mango Cake

Most people who know me (and I’m not talking about my 600 friends on facebook!) know that I’m a bit of a wallflower.
Well, maybe a lot.
It took me a little while to accept this, but it turns out I don’t mind being a loner.
I wouldn’t know what I’d do with myself if suddenly I were ‘the life of the party’
Unlike this mango-glazed cake, I mean look at it…. It’s so bright and so yellow!
It really stands out, definitely not a wallflower.
I finished glazing this cake and thought to myself “this cake is like the antithesis of who I am, but I love it!”

Yellow Cake Mango Glaze Cake

This cake isn’t just glazed with mango, it has bits of mango in it – I used dried mango pieces.
It’s a lovely light cake; I doubled the amount of glaze the recipe called for because I couldn’t get enough of the tart sweetness.
The recipe is from My Diverse Kitchen, I followed the recipe exactly except swap out one or two ingredients; ground flax seed for eggs, and coconut milk with apple cider vinegar for buttermilk.

Mango Cake Batter Baked - Mango Cake

Yellow Cake Cake Slice

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  • Nice to find a cake recipe that makes use of mango! This does look like a wonderful tropical cake and I like that it is not real thick. I do not need some three layer stack sitting around the house. I am sure that mango icing is really what makes this cake something special. Your picture really has me hooked-yum!

    • Thanks Tina, yes it’s the mango icing that really makes this cake shine 🙂

      @Anna Mango chips in butterscotch sounds heavenly, I’ll probably have to look for that recipe on your blog 🙂

  • This looks superbly delicious. I tried adding dried mango chips in my butterscotch recipe and it was a sure hit with my friends and family. Mango has this unique taste you cannot stop munching on. I am ready to try your mango glazed cake. So exquisite! I love your post!

  • Thanks! Do try it and let me know how it turns out.