Coconut Milk Ice Cream

206/365 On a Ledge #mostly365

I’ve had ice cream on my mind these past few days, I know it’s a strange time to want ice cream; it’s rainy and cold.
I made coconut milk ice cream all summer long, I’ve decided ice cream is good all year round so I’m going to keep at it.

I’ve been making this coconut milk ice cream for several years now, it’s why I started buying canned coconut milk, and now I’ve found so many other uses for it – from baking to whipped cream. I have a few too many cans of coconut milk in my pantry, and this weekend we’re making ice cream!

This recipe has evolved, and I suspect it will continue to; lately I’ve been adding a arrowroot powder to the mix and I do get great creamy results.

202/365 Making Coconut Milk Ice Cream #mostly365
Sugar Arrowroot

I quite like it; a comforting bowl of ice cream on a cold rainy day.
It’s no bowl of soup but this works too!
I try to keep a variety of toppings on hand; toasted coconuts flakes, nuts, sprinkles and sauces… mango, chocolate, strawberry…

Coconut Ice Cream w/ Cashews

Coconut Ice Cream w/ Mango Sauce Homemade Ice Cream

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  • Elsa, I have never had coconut milk ice cream. Neither do i have an ice cream maker. This is a rare ice cream flavor. But I love coconut milk and i love ice cream! so i know I would just have to wait to try yours :p

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  • Hi Elsa,
    I just bought an ice cream maker and I love the look of your recipe! I am curious, though, about the arrowroot. Can you help me to understand its addition to the recipe? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Judith, the arrowroot powder helps thicken the ice cream but you don’t need it. I’ve made this ice cream other times without arrowroot and it turned out fine.
      Congrats on the ice cream maker,:-) enjoy!

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