Wristlet From Recycled Snack Wrappers

Nahui Ollin - Recycled Coin Purse

This cute, colourful and stylish wristlet is a real conversation piece; it’s made from intricately woven recycled snack wrappers.
Nahui Ollin bags are designed by Olga Abadi using ancient Mayan weaving techniques.
The designs produced under fair-trade conditions include totes, clutches, wallets etc all trendy, green and eco-friendly. The wrappers are factory rejects meant for the landfill.

This lovely wristlet was a gift; a re-gift if you will – it was gotten from the MoMA store and lovingly passed on to me when I needed a coin purse.

I bet you never thought snack wrappers could look this cute.

Recyled Coin Purse - Olga Abadi
From Snack Wrappers Coin Purse

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