Hand Pies

Bite Size Empanadas

I didn’t know this, but apparently cupcakes aren’t cool anymore, hand pies are the new cupcakes.
I guess macarons and cake pops were hot for a moment, but can hand pies overthrow cupcakes to become the next hot dessert?
Frankly, I’ve become wary of cupcakes, I mean they’re cute to look at but they’re usually a hit or miss on the taste front – I’ve had quite a few dry and tasteless cupcakes.

Dessert Empanadas

So here’s where hand pies come in… it’s a pie you can fit in your hand.
Hand pies are versatile; they come in sweet or savoury, and filling possibilities are endless.
Empanadas are hand pies, and there’s a cute little place just off Davie called House of Empanadas – I’m hooked!

Dessert Empanadas

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