Savoury Plantain Muffins

Savoury Plantain Muffins

It started with a memory @adjoa has of my uncle Sammy and a baked plantain dish he used to make. I, of course, don’t remember; but I’ve heard this story so many times it’s now my memory too.
Eyeing our fast ripening plantains one summer afternoon we started talking; what was it? How did he make it, and could we make it too.
My mom tries to dissuade my sister and I from making Ghanaian food; she claims we don’t follow directions and alter recipes; so naturally she was no help here.
However there are bits we pieced together; it’s a little like making banana bread, except it’s savoury and traditionally red palm oil is used.
We used olive oil in this recipe, and combined red onions, ginger and peppers with plantains and flour.
Not sure of the actual name, we decided to call them savoury plantain muffins.

Over-Ripened Plantains Mashed Plantains & Red Onions Spicy Plantain Batter
Baked Plantains for Dinner

These muffins turned out beautiful! It’s savoury and sweet with a spicy kick from the pepper and ginger we added.
It goes great with sauces for dinner or lunch, or I just ate them (several, actually) for snack.
They keep well in the fridge or freezer, thaw and reheat and it’s like you just made them.

Friday Dinner - Savoury Plantain Muffins

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