At Fauchon

There was a supermarket close to our house when I was a kid, it was a big unimpressive building at a busy intersection close to the Kroo Town Road market, I don’t think I ever knew its name.
We didn’t shop there much, my mom would sometimes buy baked beans and cheese from there; and once, I remember, laundry detergent.
It wasn’t a particularly fancy store, but it’s was the closest we had to a gourmet store; one time I saved a bit of money and got a bar of Lion Bar just because of a cool ad I’d seen.
As a kid with an overactive imagination who read a lot, I’d make up these dazzling characters in my head and wonder about the mundane bits that came with living, like where they’d buy their groceries or the kind of toothpaste they used.
I imagined them in futuristic looking stores with neon lights and carts designed to follow them around the aisles.

Fauchon - Madeleine

For whatever strange reason, these are the two things I thought about when I went into Fauchon… the old supermarket from my childhood and the imaginary places I’d made up.
Fauchon is one of those haute gourmet places everyone recommends you visit when you’re in Paris.
The main store on Place de la Madeleine in the 8th arrondissement has been opened since 1886, but you can’t tell from its chic pink and black and white décor.
The flagship store occupies three addresses over three levels that include a patisserie, deli, bakery, café, a bar, grocery store and an amazing wine cellar.
And there’s so much amazement to Fauchon, you can’t help but feel like a kid in a candy shop – it’s like something I’d imagined.

The View
Fauchon - Paris Cafe

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