Falling Over

Thu 11 Aug ~ 9

There are certain moments in life so perfect I wish I could will time to stand still or slow it down a bit.
Sadly, I don’t always recognize these moments until they’ve passed; then I spend a great deal of my time in yearning.
I’m in a bit of denial, I’m still not over my vacation – my suitcase sits next to my bed, unpacked, as if any moment now I’d be heading out on a great adventure.
It doesn’t help that I’ve been unwell, I’ve been down with a terrible cold or whatever nasty bug that’s been going around.
I don’t know if this happens to other people too, but there’s something about being sick with a cold that makes your mind wonder, maybe it’s the change in routine, or perhaps the fever.
Life suddenly becomes less hurried, and all you do is lie in bed spent, with time to ponder.
And in wondering, it came to me… those moments need cherishing.

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