Cherry Banana Bread


A couple of months ago I got a jar of morello cherries (in light syrup) from Trader Joe’s.
It was a bit of an impulse buy, but I’d always wanted to try them.
The lone jar sat in the cupboard for a few months, them one day I just started eating them straight out of the jar.
These cherries are wonderful; I wish I could find them fresh when in season.
I love to pile them atop pancakes too.

Cherry Banana Bread

I thought about tossing some into a batch of banana bread I was making a while back.
I thought about it for a second and just dumped them in!
It turned out beautifully tart – perfect breakfast fare.
It was delicious the next day with a bit of almond butter sauce
And the syrup from the cherries is spectacular in smoothies

Cherry Banana Bread w/ Almond Sauce
Cherries in Batter Bananas

Banana Bread

Cherry Banana Bread w/ Almond Sauce

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