Leftovers & Vacations

Dessert - Ice Cream

I’m preparing to leave for vacation; so you can probably imagine the kind of week I’ve had.
I finally managed to slow down a bit today, long enough to sit down to a proper dinner; bulgur wheat with slow cooked red cabbage and chickpeas.

Monday Dinner - Bulgur Wheat

The last time I ate this, it was so good I only remembered halfway through the meal that I hadn’t taken a picture.
For dessert, I had coconut milk ice cream with graham cracker pieces and malted milk candy.

Bulgur w/ Slow-Cooked Red Cabbage & Chickpeas Ice Cream/ Whoppers/Graham Crackers
Good food, all leftovers… it’s ‘everything must go’ time

Autumn starts tomorrow, and as if on cue I leave for vacation the next day.
There’s rain in the forecast here for the next several days, but where I’m going, it still feels like summer.

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