In Gibsons: Bonniebrook & Secret Beach

Life on a coast is all about the beaches, and dotted along the shores of the Sunshine Coast are many enchanting and secluded beaches.
My two favourite beaches for lazy summer weekend getaways are Bonniebrook and Secret Beach – both located in Gibsons, and a few minutes drive from the ferry terminal.

Secret Beach
It’s a beach so secret you have to make nice with the locals first to be let in on its location… just kidding, it’s a little tricky to find but it’s somewhere off Gower Point down the long wooden steps.
This is my quiet spot to relax with a good book and occasionally look up at passing cruise ships.
Secret Beach



Sun 31 Jul - SB 1

The Beech

Bonniebrook Beach
This lovely rocky beach is where I convinced myself that I indeed loved long walks on the beach.
Once I walked along this beach all the way to Roberts Creek – trust me, that’s a far and somewhat daring walk!

Leg Up

To Shore

White Boat

Walk Sun 31 Jul - SB 6

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