Scenes from the Sunshine Coast

I’m feeling a little out of sorts today; It might have something to do with the fact that I had the most peculiar weekend and it rained for the first time in a while today.
The rain is a refreshing change, and it looks like we’re back to sunshine tomorrow.

Meanwhile… here are a few pictures from the last trip to the Sunshine Coast;

No Horseplay
No Horseplay

Davis Bay Pier
The long pier out to sea

Davis Bay Pier
Davis Bay

SC Jul 30 - 3
Jump I

SC Jul 30 - 4
Jump II

Sechelt Pier

Almond Milk Mocha
Almond Milk Mocha from Wheatberries – yum!

Trout Lake, Halfmoon Bay
Trout Lake, Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay - Trout Lake
Just off of Highway 101 – Half Moon Bay

You might see turtles

Trout Lake, Halfmoon Bay
Trout Lake again

Ruby Lake Resort

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