Summertime’s in Bloom

Wed 6 Jul ~ 5
I’ve just had one of those days; the kind they make songs about, yet somehow being out in the sun kind of makes up for it.
Someone once told me that there are no bad days in summer, and I’m beginning to understand this – like I had a wonderful weekend, but you wouldn’t know from all the awful things that happened to me.

On my way to a picnic that I was already two hours late for, I managed to spill scalding coffee all over my dress.
Then I had to walk 2.8km to the lake carrying a ridiculously heavy cooler full of ice and drinks because we couldn’t find parking.
I spent the rest of the day basking in the sun, happily wearing my morning coffee – summer does that to you

Wed 6 Jul ~ 8 Wed 6 Jul ~ 3
Summer is about my favourite things, like this dress – which I wear way too much.
I would probably get them in different colours if they came in different colours… and wear them throughout summertime.
Summer was a little late getting here, and it won’t last forever so it’s important to get the most out of it, before it turns grey and cold again.
So even typical Mondays are special in summer.

Wed 6 Jul ~ 4
Outfit Details: Dress – Uniqlo +J | Sandals – Camper | Bag – Massimo Dutti | Belt – from another dress

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