Bread and Chocolate

Almond Toast/Nutella/Bananas/Pistachio

Bread and chocolate… it’s a simple yet indulgent treat.
Put these two together and you have an acceptable excuse to have dessert for breakfast
For a few years now, I’ve been trying to recreate the chocolate sandwich from Hotel Chocolat; another rich and uncomplicated fare of a slab of chocolate inside a warm crusty baguette.

In trying, I’ve come up with many a delicious bread and chocolate creations…

Nutella Toast

These kinds of breakfast are best suited for lazy weekends, when you sleep in, and still have the kind of breakfast that looks like you spent all morning preparing it.
It’s all in the assembly, and it’s sure to impress guests, definitely make this when you find yourself hosting an impromptu brunch. It goes well with sparkling beverages.
There’s no limit to the fruits and nuts you can use, if you’re the kind that keep all sorts of wonderful fruits on hand – certainly use them all.
I don’t want to call this healthy, because that would be misleading, but it does have some good-for-you stuff in there, and always remember to share, it’s more fun that way.

Sunday Breakfast Nutella
Breakfast Slices of Bread

Here’s what you need to do:
Get a few slices of good hearty bread; mine is pain aux céréales from the French bakery on Davie Street.
Butter lightly and toast for a few minutes in an oven or toaster oven.
Then slather on your favourite nut butter; I used almond, cashew is also awesome.
Grab a jar of nutella, whatever chocolate spread you have, or melt your own chocolate – slather each slice generously.
Build your own bread and chocolate tower of deliciousness, be creative and go as high as you want.
Garnish with your favourite seasonal fruits, and add in nuts if you have some sitting around.

Breakfast - Toast

All I had at the time of making this were bananas and pistachios, but I wouldn’t be shy about adding summers berries, and kiwis and even chopped apples. Some walnuts and pecans would be great too… maybe this weekend
Don’t forget to make yourself a nice bubbly brunch-y drink to go with it… and enjoy!

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  • Ipokex3

    I love eating chocolate + PB on whole wheat as a snack! I like making my own ‘chocolate spread’ that’s also good enough for a face mask!

    • PB & Chocolate is wonderful, it’s one of my favourite snacks too.
      You should share your chocolate spread recipe, I’d love to try it – it sounds delicious 🙂

  • This looks INCREDIBLE!!! That’s my favourite bakery on Davie Street! 🙂

    • Thanks! That bakery on Davie is awesome, it’s my favourite too!

  • Thank you!