Smoked Trout & Rice Wrap

I need to go down south this weekend to replenish my Trader Joe’s stash.
The closest Trader Joe’s is about an hour away from me, and then there’s the little issue of it being in another country altogether, so who knows how long the line-ups are at the border.

Trader Joe's Canned Trout
Smoked Trout Trout Wrap

I try to go every month with a long list; I get everything from nut butters to an assortment of teas – lately I’ve added canned smoked trout to this list.
I first read about it on The Kitchn and the reviews were so great it had to go on my list.
It really is a time saver when you need to put a quick meal together.

Trout & Rice

Here’s an easy dinner I put together one Wednesday night when we got home hungry, with almost nothing to eat.
All we had were leftover jollof rice, sundried tomato wrap and a can of smoked trout.
These wraps from Indian Life are amazing and huge; my favourites are sundried-tomatoes and spinach.
A generous heaping of rice and some trout, I didn’t’ t bother with anything else, it was simple, perfect and satisfying.
I love it when dinner practically makes itself.

Trout on Top
Dinner Trout & Rice Wrap

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