The Sunshine Coast

Two Saturdays ago when the weather gods deemed us worthy of a real summer day, we escaped the city for a quick jaunt to the Sunshine Coast.
Every time I go to the Sunshine Coast I utter these words at some point “man… I’ve got to move here”

Not a Straight Path

Life is wonderfully serene and unrushed there, the kind of place one goes to live a content and healthy life; I find the fact that you’re never far away from the ocean oddly inspiring.
I love that the lower Sunshine Coast is just forty minutes by ferry away and yet it feels like worlds apart.

189/365 Gibsons Landing #mostly365

Davis Bay Davis Bay Pier

I spent ten glorious days on the Sunshine Coast a couple of years ago and it was such a blissful experience, I wrote about it here.
One memorable adventure was a hike along the beach from Gibsons to Roberts Creek – we explored rocky beaches with treacherous tides, dodgy cliffs, dense forests and old failing bridges.

Sat 9-Jul-11 ~ 3 Sat 9-Jul-11 ~ 1

This short trip was more about reminiscing; getting that old feeling back, rediscovering old haunts and looking up friends we’d since forgotten.
I stayed away for too long, a day wasn’t enough – I must go back soon, in fact I should… the minute I can get away again.

More pictures below…
Robert's Creek Mandala II
Roberts Creek Community Mandala

Robert's Creek
Roberts Creek Beach

Fishing Wharf, Sechelt

Robert's Creek
Roberts Creek


Homes Gibsons
Roberts Creek/Gibsons Landing

Pebbled Beach at Davis Bay

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