The Gardens at St Luke in the Fields

In New York’s West Village, somewhere along busy Hudson Street is a beautifully manicured sanctuary of a garden.
This secluded garden walled inside a church compound, is a welcome oasis from the buzz of the city.

St. Luke's Gardens

It’s part of the Church of St. Luke in the Fields; the third oldest church in New York and it’s magical.
I went there on a sunny spring Sunday afternoon, needing respite from the vicious sun; and through those unassuming wrought iron gates was relief.
A blooming courtyard of cherry and birch trees shading benches, a colourful variety of flowers, butterflies and birds – it’s all so welcoming. The slate walkways run diagonally through the greenery, one courtyard flows into the other and it all comes together creating serene harmony.

I found myself a perfect spot under the shades, and spent a few hours reading the final chapters of One Day
It was an amazingly relaxing few hours; and I wish for moments like that everyday.


The Gate

White Petals

St. Luke in the Fields


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