Vintage Blue

Looking through my recent blog posts, I realize that I haven’t done an outfit post in a while.

Tue 17 May ~ 7

I have a friend (who doesn’t?); he’s one of those blunt, says-it-like-he-sees-it types.
We probably still wouldn’t be friends if we didn’t live thousands of miles away from each other, but he’s a dear friend, he makes me laugh and I love him very much.
He sent me an email a few days ago saying “I see you’re not posting pictures of yourself anymore. Why, did you get fat from all that food you’ve been cooking?”
Frankly, food shots are more fun than outfit shots, and look less egotistic.

Tue 17 May ~ 2 Tue 17 May ~ 1

That said, I still love taking outfit pictures, because it continues to be fun and I actually enjoy it (who wouldn’t? all I have to do is just stand there).
I just switched over my summer wardrobe, and if the warm weather sticks around for a bit, I should be out there taking some fun pictures.
So here’s an outfit post; of my favourite vintage blue dress – I got this dress in le Marais last year on my last day on vacation.
It was one of those perfect days, and I still had a million final things to do, I made a little detour and found this dress.

Tue 17 May ~ 10

It was blue, vintage and polyester – I was drawn to it, it reminded me of an old black and white picture I’d seen of my great aunt.
She had a similar dress on and in the picture, she looked so young, innocent and happy; and with that image in mind I knew I had to have that dress.

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