Balsamic Strawberries and Ice Cream

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I did a bad thing last night, I went to bed after 3:00AM and had to wake up early this morning for an eye-doctor’s appointment.
I’ve been walking around like a zombie; thankfully, my eye-doctor isn’t much for small talk (she has awful reviews on RateMDs because of this), so it was a fast and painless contact.
It looked like I was going to have one of those indulgent Saturdays where I end up napping and doing absolutely nothing.
Sometimes it’s easier to just go with the flow; I had dessert for breakfast.

Ice Cream & Strawberries
Strawberries 120/365 Strawberries #mostly365
Balsamic strawberries and ice cream, it’s perfect way to start a slow and rainy weekend morning.
It’s quick to make, no cooking required and there’s minimum effort involved.
I see a lot more of this delicious concoction in my future, as I’m about to get strawberry-rich, I’m going strawberry picking next weekend.
First you cut up some strawberries, add about a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar, sprinkle on some turbinado (raw) sugar and set aside for a few minutes and let the juices marry.
When you’re ready, scoop your favourite ice cream on top and drizzle a bit more balsamic vinegar for garnish. Enjoy!
A decadent breakfast is served; feel free to try other indulgent activities afterwards… that’s what weekends are for.

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