And so continues my dalliance with chickpeas; this time in the form of pakoras, the popular Indian snack.
Vegetables dipped in gram flour (chickpea flour) batter and deep-fried.
I’ve been eating pakoras for as long as I’ve lived in this city; almost nine years (what? where did all that time go?).


I haven’t gathered the courage yet to make pakoras on my own, I have an absurd fear of deep-frying things.
Pakoras are quite easy to find around here, so I’m not too worried, I’m looking for a recipe that bakes instead fries, and ends up with a comparable result.
In the mean while I’m doing a taste test of sorts, trying Pakoras from all over…


Pakoras Pakoras

I got these from Thrifty Foods in Coquitlam, I can’t vouch for their authenticity, but they’re quite tasty.
An excellent appetizer, surprisingly filling and perfect for picnics in the summer – food tastes best when eaten outdoors.

And, if you’re feeling rather adventurous and want to try a recipe; here’s a straightforward and yummy looking recipe to start.

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